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From a young age, cameras were never far from my grasp, sparking my enduring love for film and filmmaking. My journey truly took shape at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), where I transformed this passion into a career pursuit. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Film and Video, I delved into the depths of film theory and honed my craft on the grand stages of Hollywood, thus shaping my unique artistic perspective.


The bedrock of my work can be traced back to relationships with notable directors who have generously shared their wisdom. From Cole Bennett to Dotcom Nirvan and Director X, their guidance has not only propelled my personal success but also enriched the journeys of those around me.


My portfolio boasts a dynamic spectrum of projects, notably music videos that have amassed over 10 million views on YouTube. A striking example lies in my collaboration with artists like BLP Kosher, where meticulous storyboarding and intricate shot planning breathe life into their creative visions. My talents have also been sought by esteemed brands and celebrated DJs, including Green Velvet, Claude VonStroke, Avision, and Cedric Gervais, for whom I've crafted visually captivating content.


I fuse creative storytelling with dynamic visuals to capture the spirit of an active and fun lifestyle. With a hands-on approach, I lead and direct a majority of campaign shoots for first-class brands, crafting compelling narratives that bring to life the essence of such brand’s values.


Yet, my passion finds its truest expression in collaborating with emerging talents like Lil Dew. The music video "V12," a collaborative effort, made a resounding impact with an impressive 2 million subscribers on the Elevators platform. Herein lies my deepest joy: championing underground artists by harnessing my skills to create and showcase their narratives. Each project is a canvas for my artistic vision, a vessel to connect with kindred spirits and tell resonant visual stories.


Thank you for visiting my bio. I'm excited by the prospect of melding our creative energies to give life to your imaginative ideas. Together, we can etch indelible stories onto the tapestry of visual artistry.

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